All industries have been facing corrosion problems and our Manufacturer Gloazure has introduced typical and practically applied following monitoring systems that are useful to protect or reduce matters caused by corrosion. There are enormous methods in corrosion monitoring system as follows. In practice, their monitoring system has been used mostly in oil & gas fields, Power Plants, Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Water System Industries, etc.


>> Corrosion Coupon System

>> Corrosion Probe System

>> CMS-6210/CMS-6220 Series High Resolution Transmitter 4-20 mA Output, Multi-Function with Wireless HART and Wireless ISA

>> Chemical Injection & Sampling Assembly System

>> Global Explosion Protection Products

>> Pig Signaler

>> Non-Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring System

>> CMS Instruments: Handheld Devices & Online Systems

Non-Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring System

Ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) technology is a 70-year-old one. It has been proven and established in many fields. Recently advanced microelectronics, software, wireless communications, and IOT have guided UT applications more widely applicable, more attractive in cost ad safety in many fields.

Wired solutions is suitable for

» Buried installed pipes or vessel etc

» Integration of corrosion / Erosion for whole plant via communication

protocol Modbus/RS485

» Hardware cost saving

» Manual, automated and integrated data collection

Data-logging collection and store 3,000 readings

Resistance to radio frequency interference

Wireless solutions is suitable for

Situations where wiring is cost prohibitive or impractical

Fully-automated and integrated data collection

Measurement intervals less than twice daily

Periodic repositioning