Channels Business & Construction along with its manufacturer Promat Middle East hosted a seminar on Fire in Hotels/Hospitals/Malls/Complexes – Improving Fire Safety With Passive Fire Protection on 18th of July 2018 in Muscat, Oman.

The seminar was attended by Delegates from ROP and other government bodies along with other industry experts from Oman’s construction industry, including architectural consultants, contractors, engineering firms and certification bodies.

Promat’s Regional Technical Sales Manager, Mr. Diego Iglesias, explained the hazards which can be found in hotels, the properties of fire and the development of fire in different scenarios, to begin with.

Mr. Iglesias went on to explain how dangerous smoke is, the behavior of people and escape routes, to emphasize on the many factors that are difficult to control and the importance for the correct containment.

He then classified the consequences of those as affecting structures, compartmentation and penetrations. For instance, the effects on steel structures and concrete, particularly the dangers of the so-called “spalling effect” of heated concrete, steel deformation and collapse. He elaborated on the method that energy is released during a fire and so the dangers of combustible materials such as wood, fabric or plastic.

Mr. Iglesias went on to present the solutions within passive fire protection, for each of the problem and hazard, with Promat systems being tested and certified, making the buildings safer for its occupants as well as the property itself. The seminar was very interactive, with a round of questions being posed by industry experts. While on closing the presentation Mr.Adil Alfairuz the chairman of Channels Business & Construction thanked the delegates and the other industry experts who had attended the event and wished that the products presented would save many lives in Oman. The event was concluded by networking and dinner events held at the Grand Millennium Hotel.