Pumps and Motors: We have Principal who offers a broad range of products of Flexible Piping System designed for Ground Water Extraction applications in a variety of sectors, from residential wells, agriculture, mining Industry to water utilities.

Our Products also include piping system with submersible pumps for deep wells, for high – flow pumps, for limited-flow pumps. Our Principal provides a complete system which consists of flexible piping, a complete selection of couplings and accessories, designed to make the installation of pumps in wells more easy and quick as compared to conventional installations.

Also includes Application for Water and Sewage Treatment plants / Chlorination Systems / Filtration Systems / Odour Control Systems

Other Products: Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride Pipes and Fittings/ PPR Pipes and Fittings / LDPE Irrigation Pipes / PVC Drainage Pipes and Fittings / Pipes clamps and Supports / Plumbing Accessories